Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How it all started !

How did this blog get started ? It's easy ! I LOVE ART ! Everywhere you look see art ! I love to look at art pieces and of course I love to create art ! I am a self-taught artist . I shared my passion for art with my son before he started school . I became an art docent in his class when he was in elementary school . Now that he is going to start middle school I am creating this blog to share my love for art with you as a parent , a teacher or an art docent .

With budget cuts increasing so rapidly in our elementary schools , art lessons are being hit really hard ! To me it is sad , as I have kept such wonderful memories of my art lessons a kid ! I remember the clay hedgehog , the clay house , the masks (one made out of an egg box and one out of papier mâché) , the bags , the pillow , the stuffed animal , the cowboy hat , etc. I want our kids to have the same wonderful memories . As I work as an art docent , the art supplies were pretty limited , and unfortunately it went worse the last two years . I often ended up buying my own supply . That was my treat to the kids and it was all worth it when I saw the smile on their faces ! Now it is time for me to share my art projects with you .I will try to post one art project a month as I am pretty busy . You are more than welcome to use them for non-profit . If you are a parent , share them with your kids and if you are an art docent or a teacher , share them with your class ! Happy hunting and have fun !