Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Under the Sea Creatures ...

Hi everyone . I am back today with a new art project . Since a lot of kids are off from school , it is summer and it is hot , I thought it would be a perfect time to do some ....painting !  It is a wonderful activity that you can easily do in the backyard .And since some of you might like going to the beach , I thought it would be fun to create some underwater creatures . So let's get started !

Grade level : it can be done with any child who can hold a paintbrush . But I would say it is more geared toward children 6 and over .

Objective : To paint an underwater animal giving it the impression it is swimming .

Resources : This lesson is not my idea . It was based on the following book :The Usborne Book of ART skills . If your child likes art , you may want to purchase this book or to borrow it at the library . It is full of really cool projects !

Material needed :  * a watercolor paper 9X12"
                             * pictures of under the sea creatures (such as seahorses , fish , dolphins , whales , starfish , etc.)
                             * a blue pencil
                             * watercolor paints (blue and green ...more colors if you wish )
                             * paintbrushes
                             * plastic cups (for water)
                             * paper towels
                             * clear  plastic wrap

Activity : (1) Each child should have a piece of paper . They should choose an underwater animal to draw.
                (2) Each child will now draw the outline of the underwater creature they chose with a blue pencil .

                (3) They should paint the inside of the sea creature with a blue paint .

                (4) Then add some dots before the paint dries , so the paint will run .

                (5) If you kid wants , he /she may add a second color . In this example , I chose to add some purple .

                 (6) The next step will be to paint the paper around the animal with clean water .

                 (7) While the paper is still wet , your child should add some strokes of blue watercolor and some green .

                 (8) Then while the paint is still wet , take a piece of clear plastic wrap and put is on the painting . Let it dry ....

And voilà ! Here is the effect of the clear plastic wrap up close :

Can you see it ? It is pretty cool isn't it ? And here is a view from the entire painting :

I hope your kids had some fun during this project . Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe =)