Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Shadows ...

With Halloween approaching fast , this lesson or craft idea has a Halloween theme . Once it is done , you may tape it to a window . When the sun will shine through , it will make a really pretty Halloween decoration !

Grade level: This art lesson or craft can be used by teachers in a classroom or by a parent at home . Kids of any age can do it . For the youngest ones , you may want to keep the designs simple .

Objective : This project is using the same concept than negatives for photographs .

Material : You will need :
                 * orange tissue paper 8" x 11" (or any size you wish)
                 * black tissue paper (or black construction paper)
                 * a white color pencil
                 * glue
                 * tape

Activity : This project is very simple .

1. Every child will need to draw , on the black tissue paper  with a white pencil , a shadow of a Halloween design such as pumpkins (plain or with carved eyes , nose , and mouth ) , bats , crows , haunted houses , owls , etc . Small children may be frustrated when trying to draw on a tissue paper . If it is the case you may want to use a black construction paper instead of a black tissue paper .

2. Now they will need to cut the outline of their Halloween design .

3. The next step will be to take the orange tissue paper . The student will arrange all of his "Halloween shadows" on it . Once he/she likes the way it looks , he/she will glue the "shadows" in place .

4. You can now tape the beautiful Halloween decoration on your classroom/your house windows .

Examples :

Here is an example for younger students where you may want to do something simple , such as pumpkins carved with eyes , nose and mouth .

For older children , you may want to stimulate their imagination a little bit more by asking them to create the shadow of a haunted house and its surroundings ...Well , just something a little bit more complex and challenging .
Here is an example :

Have fun and Happy Halloween !