Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gardening with children 2 (follow up)

Last March , I wrote a post about gardening with children . I tried to get you inspired to plant your own little garden with your kids . I wanted to update the post and let you know how things were going on my end . Some plants are growing beautifully ( I cross my fingers !) while some have a harder time or simply do not work out so well for whatever reason . If this happened to you as well , try not to get frustrated .It is just part of the gardening experience , and you will learn as you go .But no matter what  , be sure that whatever is growing will just amazed your kids or students :)
But enough talking . Let me show you in pictures ...

(1) Cilantro :  The cilantro started very well .It grew easily and quickly and it was beautiful ... first... Then we got some hot weather ...and I think the pot was a little too small as well ..and it kind of dried out ..


(2) Dill : The dill started growing really well if you remembered ! We used some for a couple of dinners . Then some warm weather ... 

I thought it would just die , but for whatever reason I kept watering it ... and guess what ! It came back to life ! Look at it ! And we just had some with our potatoes tonight . 

(3) Sweet Basil : After a slow start , our basil has changed a lot since our last post . It is now growing beautifully and I can't wait to use it with some pasta :)


Isn't it gorgeous ?

(4) Parsley : Our parsley had a slow start . It is growing slowly , but it seems well and healthy .

It is looking better everyday :)

(5) Spearmint : I kept watering the pot even though nothing was happening for weeks ....And guess what ...something is starting to grow... and I believe it could be some spearmint  ...Take a look :

Our conclusion , our herbs are growing well and steadily . I strongly recommend beginners to grow basil and dill are , as they are extremely easy to grow ! We had to use extra patience for the spearmint .We are still waiting for something to happen with the thyme and oregano ...

Vegetables : Time now to check at our vegetables . Some are doing incredibly well while others are gone :(

(1) Tomatoes : Our tomatoes started very well , as you saw in our last post .And they continue to strive . We planted grape tomatoes .The plants are now bigger , they have flowers and even some tomatoes are starting to grow . Here are some pictures taking at a few weeks intervals , so you can see their progress with your own eyes :

Amazing transformation , isn't it ? And it is not over yet :)

(2) Radishes : The radishes are kind of interesting . We planted two batches of radishes . One in a small planter that I put on a shelf .Another in a big box . The one on the shelf has been growing quite well . It started really fast , but then it became weird . The leaves are growing higher ...and the radishes themselves , are slow to mature . I think the reason is that they are behind other plants ... and the radishes' leaves are "fighting" for getting some nutrients from the sun ...On the other hand , the one in the big box all died . They were growing slowly at first . This box is placed in a more shady area , so I think , the first thing , they couldn't strive . Then with the heat and a lizard...they did not survive .
Here are pictures of the radishes from the shelf :

A few weeks later ...

A few more days later ...

And I couldn't wait any longer ... I had to take one out to see what was going on ...See how it is long instead of being round ? I think it needs a few more days .....or a week ...

(3) Zucchini or Italian squash: It is more or less the same thing for our zucchini plants . I have four of them . One was in a pot , by itself ,on the top of the shelf, getting plenty of sun  . The other three shared the same planter , and were in the back of the shelf , not getting sufficient sunlight , I guess .While the first one thrived , the other three are slow to grow . I let you see the results for yourself :

As you can see from last post , I had to transfer this zucchini plant to a bigger pot . I was a little bit shaky , because I usually kill the plants when I try to transplant them. But I am really happy to report that this one made it :)

Just like the tomatoes , this particular plant has been growing a lot . It has flowers and the vegetables are starting to grow .

That was a the "good" zucchini plant . Let's take a look at the other ones ...

(4) Green Beans : Ok , the green beans were interesting . Three plants are growing , the other ones , didn't . I replanted a couple of them . They are growing a little ....but they are not really thriving . I believe it may be due to a lack of sunshine .

I do not know yet , if they will survive ...We'll see....

(5) Spinach : They started off really well ...but then a lot of them dried out . I am not sure if this is due to the lack of sun , the heat , the lizard ...or some other insects ...Here ... they are a few more standing ...for now ..

Several weeks later ...

(6) Peas : Here is the sad story . The peas had an excellent start as you saw on my last post . And on those two following photographs :

But then they started drying out completely and they did not survive :( I don't know the real cause . The heat , the lizard , some bugs ,or some disease ? I have read that peas can easily get diseases . Oh well , we'll try again another time .

(7) Onions : The onions are not doing too well either . They started to grow  , but then , the didn't progress much ....

Here is some good news : some more vegetables a growing .....

(8) Yellow squash : The yellow squash did not grow on the ground , so we tried to grow a couple of them in pots ...and it seems to work out just fine :)
At the beginning :

A few weeks later ...

(9) Carrots : Several carrots started to grow . Some of them mysteriously disappeared , but others keep growing . Here are their progress :

In this last picture , you can see the dead peas in the back ...We'll see what happens to the carrots ....

(10) Lettuce : The lettuce was growing ..then something ate some of them , so I replanted some lettuce . And it is growing slowly ...very slowly !

We'll keep our eyes open ...

(11) Peppers : Last year , we planted different kind of peppers , including sweet peppers and cayenne peppers .But it did not grow . This year I planted some radishes in the same planter ...and out of nowhere of the pepper plants from last year started growing...I took it out from the planter and transfered it to a different pot where it can keep growing ...I don't know what kind of pepper it is yet , we'll have to wait . But look at it grow :

To wrap our vegetables section , I would advise to anyone who want to start growing veggies , to start with some tomatoes . They are very easy to grow and to care for ! Anything else will be quite an adventure :)

Fruit trees :
Both our mandarin tree and our lemon tree keep growing and adding leaves . New flowers and beginning of new fruits are showing as shown this photograph from our lemon tree :

Flowers : The flowers we planted on the porch and in our backyard are growing slowly .
(1) Nasturtium : We planted those flowers in a very dry area of our yard ..and it seems to work out fine .

We'll continue to watch them grow .

(2) Mammoth Sunflowers : Ok . The one that was on my last post .....Hmmm .. How should I say that ? .. I killed it :( We planted new ones .Five started to grow and I got all excited ! ...But this time they were all eaten by rolly pollies . I don't care what you see on the internet and what some people say . Roly pollies do not only eat decomposing matter ! They love sunflower seedlings!! I caught them red handed !! They were all over the leaves ..eating them away !!!! But we did not give up ! We planted new ones again . And this time , as soon as I spotted the seedlings coming out of the ground , I placed a toilet paper roll around each one . And guess what ? It worked ! Yeah ! So now we have some mammoth sunflowers growing . 

Hopefully they will keep growing nicely :)

Garden creatures : And of course , when you are gardening , you'll always come across some little creatures visiting your garden . This time we have a small lizard . Meet Leo the lizard :

I hope you had fun listening to our gardening adventures . Hope you'll try your own . We will keep you updated on the changes . In the meantime have a wonderful weekend :)