Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year !

Just want to wish everyone a very happy and very creative New Year !

My little new year resolutions doodle …
WIsh you all a Happy New Year ! Hope it will be filled with joy , happiness and success :)

I will try to be back soon with a new project :)


Friday, December 6, 2013

Felt Christmas tree ornament

Today I decided to show you how to make a Christmas tree ornament with felt and buttons . This is something that you can do with your children during the holiday break ....or in the classroom , if your school allows you to do Christmas crafts .

Grade level : This craft is for older kids . I would say children from 3rd grade and older . You have to make sure that the child is old enough to handle a needle and the child does not put thing into his/her mouth ...since we will use buttons (and that could cause a choking hazard !)

Objective : To learn how to sew and create something 3D for the Holiday Season .

Resources : You can find plenty of Youtube video on how to make Christmas ornaments or to learn how to sew . Just remember to ALWAYS respect the work of others and mention their link and credit . For this project I will refer you to a couple of video tutorials .I will mention them as we go along .

Materials : For this particular project , you will need :
                   * Green and brown felt
                   * Buttons of different sizes and colors
                   * A thin ribbon
                   * Scissors
                   * Floss
                   * A needle
                   * Fiberfill

Activity :  (1) The first thing your kid should do is to cut the felt . You can do that two different ways . Either have 1 piece of green felt (cut in a wide triangle shape that you will later fold in half) and 1 small rectangle of brown felt like this :

Or , you can have TWO green triangles and one brown rectangle if it is easier for you . Just like this :

Whatever is easier for you .

(2) The second step will be to sew the buttons (= Christmas ornaments ) on the green piece of felt . If you are using only ONE green triangle , you will have to remember that you will need to fold it ...so make sure that you are not sewing buttons on the fold .Now you will have something like this :

(3) With a blanket stitch , you will now start sewing the trunk . If you do not know how to make a blanket stitch you should look at this Blanket Stitch Tutorial video by GulfCoastCottage on Youtube .
You need to sew 3 side of the trunk . When you finished the third side , you will need to add a little bit of fiberfill inside. Then you are ready to finish your last side . And ...tada ...

(4) Now you will have to do the same with the green piece of felt . However it is going to be a little more tricky . If you have TWO felt triangles , sew the two sides with a blanket stitch , but leave the base open . If you have ONE triangle , sew one side ...and leave the base open . Just like in this example :

Add some fiberfill .Then visualize where the trunk will be ....

Now start sewing the base with your blanket stitch . When you arrive at the trunk , you may make a back stitch If you do not know how to make a back stitch you may watch this Youtube video : How To Sew A Back Stitch-Beginners Hand Sewing & Embroidery DIY by StyleIconsCloset .If your needle is not sharp enough to go through or if it is too hard for your child to do it , you can go around using your imagination and come up with your own stitch or use glue .

(4) Add the ribbon at the top of your ornament ...like that :

Tie it at the top ... and now your ornament is ready to be hung on your Christmas tree . Hope you had fun making it . Have a happy and safe Holiday Season :)