Friday, October 30, 2009

Artists paint people

Grade Level : 2nd graders

Objectives : Students will look at the work of five different artists and then they will create a picture of someone today to show people -200years from now - how people used to dress in 2009 .

Material : * 9" x 12" white paper
* felt or fabric scraps
* pattern gift wrap paper or paper napkins

* wall paper scrap
* oil pastel or crayons
* glue

Resources : (1) "Women in a Garden" by the French impressionist Claude Monet (November 14,1840-December 5,1926)
(2) "Women in Blue" by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (October 1632-December 1675)
(3) "Presentation in the Temple" by the Flemish painter Hans Memling (1430-1494)
(4) "The Pantry" by another Dutch painter Pieter de Hooch (1629-1688)

(5) "Don Manuel Osario" by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya (March 30, 1746-April 16,1828)

Ask students to look at all the paintings and ask them what they have in common ?

They were all painted between 1400 and 1800.
By looking at the paintings , what do the students see that is different from people living back then and people living now ?

Motivation :Artists' pictures tell us how people dressed a long time ago . They included many details. Can you do the same ?

Vocabulary : collage / details / figure / mixed-media / fabric

Activity : The students will make a collage of a person living today .For that they will use :
1. the white paper as the background .

2. the felt or gift paper wrap for clothing (pants , shirt , dress , blouse , sweater , etc) They may wish to draw it first on a piece of paper and use their drawing as a pattern for cutting the felt or fabric .
3. the glue to paste the clothing to the white paper .

4. the oil pastels or crayons to draw the rest of the figure . (head , arms , hands , feet , and other details )
The students should try to draw a figure big enough to fill out the paper and they should add as much details as possible .
(you can also add some cotton for extra texture for the clothing .)

Here are some examples :

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