Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Bunny

With Easter approaching ,today we will create some Easter bunnies .

Grade level : This craft is for preschoolers and kindergartners .

Material needed : * toilet paper rolls (1 per student)
                            * white construction paper
                            * sharpies (or pens or crayons)
                            * scissors
                            * pipe cleaners
                            * cotton balls
                            * glue
                            * anything else you would like to decorate your bunny  , like ribbons , pins , pompoms ,etc

And the teacher may want to have a needle handy to poke wholes for the mustache .

Activity :   

(1) The teacher should measure the white construction paper with the following size .
                                  Height : 4.25 inches
                                  Width : 6 inches

(2) The teacher should also trace the ears , and the feet on a white construction paper .

(3) Each student should have one toilet paper roll , one piece of construction paper measuring 4.35" X 6" and a piece of white construction paper with the ears and feet .

(4) The student should glue the white construction paper on the toilet paper roll so it will fit neatly .

(5) While this dries , the student need to cut the ears and the feet with scissors . Using a sharpie they should color the "inside" of the bunny's ears .

(6) Using Sharpies , the student should draw the eyes and the nose of the bunny . He / she should also glue the ears at the back of the bunny's head .

(7) Once all of the above is done , the student will go ask the teacher to poke six wholes to fit the mustache .

(8) After the teacher made the wholes , the student will choose a couple of pipe cleaner . In this example , I made a white bunny ...and I chose a white pipe cleaner . However you can use any color you want ! The student should put the pipe cleaner through the whole , twist the part that is inside the roll . He / she should cut the pipe cleaner outside , at the desired length .

(9) Now the student will take one cotton ball and glue it on the lower back of the bunny .

(10) Now it is time to glue the feet at the bottom of our bunny .

(11) Now our bunny is done . But to make it more fun you can add anything you wish to it . Like a ribbon ....

or pins or buttons (however watch for choking hazard !!!!) or pompoms ...

Have a Happy and Safe Easter everyone =)