Monday, September 30, 2013

Papier Mâché Bears (part 2)

Let's continue the lesson on our bears in papier mâché .We made the bears and we painted them in white acrylic paint . Today we are going to bring our little bears to life by adding some details .

Material needed :  For this part of the project , we will need :
                                     * a pencil # 2
                                     * acrylic paint of various colors 
                                     * small plastic cups fill with water 
                                     * paintbrushes of different sizes 
                                     * paper towels 
                                     * pictures of different kind of bears
                                     * matte varnish (optional)

Activity :
(1) Each student will have to think of what kind of bear they want . A brown bear , a polar bear , a panda bear ? Once they choose the bear , they will also need to decide what kind of details to add (like eyes , nose , mouth , etc...) Will the bear have some form of clothing , like a scarf ? A shirt ?

(2) Now it is time for the student to draw the details on the bear with the pencil .

(3) Once the student likes what he/she sees , he/she is ready to start painting over the pencil and bring their bear to life .Below are a few examples .

A panda bear :

Polar bears :

A brown bear :

(4) Finish by adding some matte varnish . And here we are all done . Aren't they cute ?