Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall little orange poeple

Hi . I would like to share an easy craft project to do with your young students (or children) .It is a project inspired by fall and Halloween . If you have parents/teacher conferences this month , it is a great way to decorate the kids desk . Have fun !

Grade level: It is an easy and simple craft for preschoolers and kindergartners .

Mat;rial needed : For this , you will need :

                                                                    * oranges (1 per child)
                                                                    * yarn or raffia (one or more colors) Yarn is much easier to use , as raffia has a tendency to be stubborn ...young students might end up frustrated dealing with it ..
                                                                    * a pencil or pen
                                                                    * a knife (to be use by an ADULT ONLY !!!)
                                                                    * some white glue or double sticky tape
                                                                    * a pair of scissors
                                                                    * some buttons (for eyes)
                                                                    * some cloves (for eyes or mouth)

Now that you have all the material needed you are ready to start :)

Activity:  Each child will use their imagination to create  a head with their orange . Once finished , it will decorate their desk . If you do that at home , you can decorate the table with them :) Ok , let's go to work !

                (1) The first thing the child needs to do is to draw eyes and a mouth with their pen or pencil . Just like this ...

                      (2) Once the outlines of the eyes and mouth are clearly visible , the student should bring the orange to the teacher , so the teacher (or adult) can remove the skin with a knife , leaving a white space . Here is how it will look like :

                     (3) The student can then add cloves for the pupils .

                     (4) It is now time to take care of the hair .I do prefer to use yarn over raffia as it is easier to manipulate .With raffia , children may easily get frustrated . The child can choose one or more colors of yarn .. He/she swill cut a fair amount of small pieces (that will fit neatly on the "head" .)

                     (5) He/she will then pour some glue on the top of the orange (you may opt to use double sticky tape instead of the glue) :

and add the pieces of yarn one by one to cover the entire head ...

And it is done ! Isn't it cute to decorate the students desk ? And so easy to do !

Here is another example . This one has buttons for eyes , double sticky tape instead of glue and raffia for hair .

Here is a look at both of them together :

As I said they make a sweet student's desk decoration in a classroom , or fall display at home .

I hope you got inspired . Have a wonderful week :)

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